Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Important Facts

A good number of people in the musical sector should have a glimpse of what an Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is. This musical instrument has stormed the music industry with a boom! But what do you know of this Alesis Surge Mesh Kit?

The Alesis Surge Mesh refers to an eight pad, five-piece electronic kit. It features amazing quiet mesh drum heads and has an outstanding natural response. This beautiful kit comes with a pretty four-piece chrome rack. All drums of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit have outstanding drum heads for a quality natural feel.

Components of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

The following are the features of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit;

  • Three eight-inch dual-zone tom pads
  • It contains a surge drum module that incorporates forty kits and sixty play-along songs
  • The kit has a four-piece chrome rack, sticks, power source, drum key, and cables.
  • It boasts of a ten inches dual-zone snare drum pad
  • It contains ten-inch cymbals. These are three; a crash cymbal, hi-hat, and a ride.
  • The Alesis surge mesh kit contains an auxiliary input. This can be played along with an MP3 player or any smart device.
  • It has 385 unique top-notch sounds

What is the drum module of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit?

The drum module of the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit resembles a metronome, such as a Dr. Beat.  It has a backlit LCD screen that contains numerous buttons. The plenty buttons are used for customizing kits and altering everything from effects to recording of your performance.

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit allows you to reassign pads and come up with kits on the fly. In case you did not know, there are forty ready-to-go drum kits just outside the box. The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is pre-loaded with sixty play-along tracks in addition to the tons of kits and percussion sounds. The sixty play-along tracks can be used for performing and practicing.

Expanding the sound of your Alesis Surge Mesh 

This can be done by the use of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Plugins. Anyone that possesses the surge mesh or a kit of a similar type can easily expand the sounds of the drums. 

Make the most of the drum VST plugins to get a variety of software such as Steven Slate Drums, Get Good Drums, Addictive Drums 2, or EZ Drummer. The plugin options are not limited to these; there are many more others out there. The four mentioned in this article are just a few of the favorites.

In case you need to use the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Plugins with a computer or a laptop and your Alesis Surge Mesh Kit, then you will be required to have music production software such as Ableton or Pro Tools. Getting a DAW will enable you to record any performances and be in contention to produce your music or drum covers.

Final Thoughts

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is a significant addition to the electronic kit lineup. It’s particularly ideal for beginners who desire to keep the volume down.