Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings : Who should join these meetings?

A chairperson and a secretary run the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. In most cases, they begin with a recitation of the Serenity Prayer and then proceed to include a few readings from conference-approved material. These readings may include “How It Works” from the Big Book as well as one or more of the Twelve Traditions. 

Additional readings could be presented either at the beginning or the end of the meeting, in addition to discussion and a special guest speaker. There are open meetings and private meetings, both of which are forms of gatherings. 

Alcoholism is not a religion, and attendees of Aa meetings are not obliged to identify with any particular faith in order to participate. Members come from every imaginable background and represent every racial and religious group as well as every social status. 

They practise law in addition to being stayathome mothers and work in a variety of other fields. There are over two million people who attend na meetings in new York every week, and there is no better way to assist your fellow addicts in recovery than by attending one of these meetings yourself. Also, your privacy and identity will be protected at all times, which is a huge relief for people who struggle with social anxiety or worry about seeming vulnerable in front of others. 

Alcoholics, their families, and anyone else interested in finding a solution to their drinking issues are welcome to attend open sessions. Although most meetings adhere to a consistent format, certain gatherings may deviate significantly from the norm. The AA programme and its guiding principles are broken down by the person in charge of the meeting. 

Participants at meetings are invited to talk and share their personal drinking histories as well as how they are now managing their relationship with alcohol. They won’t harass you if they see that you have no intention of returning to the establishment either. 

Members of AA are expected to treat one another with respect. Members should raise their hands whenever they have something to contribute to the discussion, and they should wait for the chair of the meeting to call on them. Otherwise, one might be called impolite. 

When you talk too much to other people, you should avoid making them feel awkward. And while you’re at it, try to steer clear of discussing politics or using foul language. A straightforward illustration of this would be if a member were to talk about their life before they became a part of the organisation. 

The Lord’s Prayer is typically recited as a closing ritual at the end of Aa meetings. At this point, everyone gathers into a huge circle, puts their hands together, and continues to recite the prayer. People are not required to participate in the prayer, but a significant number of members do so. 

People tend to congregate and converse after the event has concluded. You are free to inquire as well as present yourself and introduce yourself. It’s possible that you’ll end up having conversations with other alcoholics or asking them questions. Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous are a fantastic place to start if you want to share your own personal narrative or experience.