A Brief Introduction To Nike Corporation

Nike is one of the most famous shoe manufacturers in the world. It has several lines of shoe accessories. Nike shoes are very comfortable and stylish. Nike also produces various other products such as basketball sneakers, running sneakers, and shoes for golf, hiking, and many more.

Nike has its stock market for its stockholders. The shares of Nike are listed and traded on the NASDAQ (national association of securities dealers) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Stock trading is through different methodologies. Traders buy a specific number of NKE stocks at a given price and sell them to another investor when the prices rise. This process goes on continuously until the investors make a profit.

In the beginning, Nike was started with a small stock of stock. The initial shareholders tried to sell the company to someone else but to no avail. Hence, the company went public in the early 1990s. As per the law, a company has to open its doors to the public before it can initiate trading.

Nike has employed several strategies for its stock trading. One of these strategies is to use leverage, which means that the trader takes bigger risks to make bigger profits. Leverage in stock trading is usually associated with high-frequency trading or large orders for buying or selling. This strategy works fine for smaller investments. However, the same method cannot work well for long-term investments because the stock price is more prone to price fluctuations.

The company uses different types of advertisements and promotion methods to attract customers. Apart from television and radio ads, they also send out brochures and newsletters to inform the people about the company and its products. As per the market study, Nike has more than 300 million customers all over the world. They are fond of using flashy and colorful advertisement materials to attract the attention of potential customers. Some of the famous commercials of Nike include ‘Just Do It’ and ‘I’m Just Wearing’.

There is no doubt that the Nike Corporation has got an excellent business plan and management. The brand image and the demand are huge and the company is not hesitant to use innovative marketing and publicity tools to get their product and brand popular among the masses.

Their strategy seems to be working brilliantly and steadily. However, one should not blindly believe all that has been written about the company. Research must be carried out to verify all the facts mentioned above.