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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

7 Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities & Outing Ideas

To keep companies on track many employers turn to team-building activities and outings. There are so many great ideas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to consider. Below are seven of the best ideas that produce happier and more productive employees.

1. Potluck Lunches

Mealtime is an opportunity for bonding. Make that time even more special by organizing potluck lunches. They give employees the opportunity to share something about themselves, and everybody enjoys a great meal.

During the potluck give employees the opportunity to rank meals. Make it an annual event where a trophy is awarded to the winner. Then pass down the trophy each year to that year’s winner.

2. Escape Rooms

A journey in and out of a Fort Worth escape room requires communication, patience and problem-solving. What company would not benefit from employees more skilled in those areas?

Employees can head to a Fort Worth escape room to become teammates toward a mission, a mission that will go back with them to the worksite. They will remember that even in the midst of pressure and a ticking clock, by working together they were successful.

3. A “Lip” Sing Off

Ask employees to form bands or groups. Solo crooners are allowed, too. See who can rap like Salt-N-Pepa or sing and shake like Nsync. Instrumental acts are permitted. Sometimes all one needs is more air guitar.

Ask those afraid to take the stage to handle other parts to that day. Lighting, sound equipment, decorations, and lite snacks need to be covered to round out a successful and hip event.

4. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a tried and true method of team-building. They also provide opportunities to go outside and break away from the inside 9 to 5 everyday duties. Although they have been popular for quite some time, their popularity has not waned.

Local businesses and folks in the community love to participate, too. Scavenger hunts also help employees connect more to their community. They also realize further the importance of their company to those scavenged neighborhoods.

5. Softball Games

Another team-building activity with longstanding popularity is softball. Mix the teams by skill level and let everyone give up their best seven innings.

Don’t worry if some employees do not want to play. There is always a role for someone. Let them be the umpires, coachees and scorekeepers. Let some employees handle creating commemorative jerseys and refreshment duties on game day.

6. Board Game Battles

Bring out Clue, Operation, Checkers and other “board games” and hold a tournament. Employees will enjoy friendly competition. Maybe Mary will finally stop stealing Ted’s chicken salad when he takes her down in Chutes and Ladders.

Board games also recharge brains. They allow a different kind of strategic thinking to take precedence. Employees then return to work more focused and ahead of the curve.

7. Volunteering

It is always a good idea to help those in need. Encourage company-wide volunteering as a team to work together outside of the office, and work together for those less fortunate.

Employees will be reminded of why they work so well with their colleagues. They also are more appreciative of what they have, and better workplace attitudes will emerge. A happier workplace is a more productive workplace.

While there are other great ideas to consider, the aforementioned suggestions are sure to be a hit. These 7 fun corporate team-build activities and outing ideas will make any workplace a better place to work.

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