5 Reliable Steps in Finding Residential Solar Leads

5 Ways to Generate Solar Leads That Become Solar Sales

With the solar industry growing like never before, the competition is increasing every day. Companies often find it challenging to keep their funnel full with the residential solar leads for their sales teams to keep the business in the running. Fortunately, there are ways you can get more qualified solar leads to grow your business. Here are five reliable options you can try out in this regard.

1. Thought Leadership and Solar Content Marketing

It is always a great idea to present your potential customers with some valuable content that keeps them hooked and makes sure that they want to keep coming back. For instance, you can launch a monthly newsletter targeting the electronics market, begin your company blog, or try some other recurring effort for content marketing establishing your brand as a thought leader in the solar market. It is also a good idea to broadcast your content using email lists or by taking advantage of your presence on different social media platforms. Include CTA linking back to your website to grab quality leads for residential solar through these efforts.

For creating more relevant content, develop 2-3 buyer personas by thinking of your ideal prospects considering their age, location, interests, income level, etc. This way, you’ll be able to serve your prospects with content that they can relate to and they’d want to turn to your blog whenever they’re looking for similar stuff.

2. Run Solar Social Campaigns

While you can get organic leads through your website and blog, you should try and extend your reach further by running campaigns on social media. It is likely for your prospective residential solar clients to be more active on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Running ad campaigns on these platforms will certainly extend your reach and increase your chances of generating more leads for residential solar.

It is always a good idea to update your social accounts several times a week using different content types such as business blog posts, testimonials, and videos. You can also consider sharing content from other solar news websites and local businesses. With this strategy, you’ll be able to establish your business as a brand and a market leader that always shares valuable information on solar.

3. Offer Free Online Solar Quotes

With the solar market growing at a rapid pace, solar installers often have to strive hard for attracting business. Surveys show that most conservative solar consumers always prefer to get a general quote before they are directly contacted in person or over a phone call. So, you can reduce one step in closing the deal by offering free online solar quotes on your website while also capturing lead data then and there.

4. Partner With Some Credible Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners who might have previously thought of going on solar put things on hold until they need a roof replacement. So, you can always capture such leads for residential solar by reaching out when they have already made up their mind to get a solar installation. Partnering up with some credible roofing contractor can be a big step forward in this regard.

5. Hire A Professional Solar Lead Generation Company

Even though you can get great results through your inbound marketing efforts, working with a professional service provider for solar lead generation can always bring you some benefit. Companies like solarexclusive.com can help you grab more qualified residential solar leads with the least possible effort. You leave the hard work for them and can focus on closing the deals any day.

Solar installation has become a competitive market, indeed, and you need to try out new ideas to keep things rolling. Try these reliable steps for finding residential solar leads and you’ll definitely get positive results.