4 reasons for increased use of Ketamine in the medical industry

Also called Super K, Lady K or any other famous Ketamine nickname you are familiar with, the drug has become infamous for recreational more than medicinal use. The medication was allowed in the United States for both human and veterinary use, it exists in liquid and powder form. The use of ketamine for medicinal purposes has helped different patients with various conditions as you will find out other than making surgical procedures even easier when used as an anesthetic. Here are some of the common medicinal uses of Ketamine you should know of today.

Epilepsy relief drug

There are conditions or disorders which may make a patient unable to control their movement when the attacks surface. Epilepsy is one of the diseases which may leave the victims injured from the rapid uncontrolled movements. When using ketamine, the movement that patients undergo during an attack can less violent and more controlled. This is necessary to protect the patients suffering from epilepsy and many other comparable conditions from getting into harm’s way as a result of their disorders.

Sedation agent for surgeries

Aside from the veterinary uses, ketamine has been known to be very effective with human surgeries. Many doctors prefer to use it as an induction which can help with sedating the patient undergoing the operation without knocking them out. In the right amounts, ketamine can also a great anesthesia drug depending on the intensity of the surgical procedure one maybe undergoing. As an anesthesia drug, ketamine can help patients that are t the risk of bronchospasm and other forms of respiratory depression attacks. This is among the common medicinal uses that ketamine has today and the same is the case for when it used by veterinary officers for animals in pain.

Used for pain control

There are a lot of people whose bodies do not react well to certain anesthetics and may result into dangerous side effects and allergies. Children are the most affected in such scenarios and even then doses of ketamine can be used for pain control and managing. Burn therapy is among the common procedures where patients need ketamine not forgetting dealing with severe injuries for instance from the battle fields.

A great anti-depressant

It has also been proven that ketamine can be a great anti-depressant for people undergoing depression and even contemplating suicide. While there are many people who suffer from this condition, it is important to know that the right doses o ketamine can help one deal with the challenges. It is best that you seek doctor’s guidance before you set out to start using ketamine as your new anti-depressant. This is because any slight ignorance on what dose amount to use can end up having tragic effects on the user.  When used for recreational use, one must also be careful with the amount which they consume unless it starts to become a dangerous vice not just to your health but finances too.