4 Kinds Of Artwork That You Must Know About

Today, art is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, moods and character. From the stone age to the digital age, art is something that has constantly evolved. Everyone has a genre of canvas art or frames that suit their personality. Today, we will look at five different kinds of beginner-friendly artworks in modern-day wall art decor.

Graphic Illustration: This kind of artwork is more based on black and white than colours. The tip of the pen/pencil is the only way to draw down an artist’s vision. This category of art is suitable for workspaces, home offices, and cafes. A variety of small-sized frames of graphic illustrations with different alignments would complement the wall.

Caligraphy, Quotes, Line Art, Typography and Toy characters are popular sub-categories in this genre. Nefertiti by Mark Nashed, Adornment Coco channel quote, Beauty lines, Billion dollars typography and Amy Winehouse toy are examples of framed art in graphic illustration of different sub-categories.

Modern Art: Modern art is all about experimenting and coming out of conventional styles of painting. This art is rooted in the industrial revolution when social, economic and cultural conditions changed drastically. It affected Western Europe, North America and later the whole world.

The trend of commissioned art by royal and wealthy families changed, as artists started painting down their thoughts and ideologies. It brought a revolutionary change in the history of art and paintings. Today, Boho, Glitter, Neon, Pop Art, Skulls, Abstract and Art deco are some of the kinds of popular modern art. Check out Butterfly Head Framed Art Paint in this category.

Fashion Artwork: One doesn’t have to be serious and artistic at all times when thinking about wall decor with framed prints. Fashion artwork is a carefree approach to wall art where framed prints of Champagne & bottles, Perfume Bottles, Logos of famous brands, watches, lips etc. are placed on the walls.

A combination of framed art prints like Chanel Pink flowers, DP golden splash, Fashion victim tiger, Louis Vuitton red lips would give an overall picture of a bold personality. Such artworks can be used in a workplace with fashion roots, a cafeteria, or even a living room, but for that, the wall paint must be of a matching colour.

Animals: Do you love animals? Do you think animals also inspire us with their actions? Do you believe that each animal can represent a part of our mood? Then yes, Animal artwork is for you. Lion, Dogs and Baby animals are famous sub-categories of this field. Cool Lion, American Pink Flamingo, and Baby Llama are some attractive framed animal artwork that one must try out. Baby animals are apt for kids rooms and playschools. The funny animal depictions can be used in a big frame for the living room for a lighter mood.

This list is perfect for beginners who are just getting started on wall art and decor. There are many other kinds of artworks such as abstract, pop, contemporary, graffiti, 3d, and the list is endless. Keep looking and experimenting and soon you would get a hang of what suits best for your walls and your mood.