4 critical factors determining your website’s on-page SEO

The critical question most website owners have to answer is what SEO is really is and how it can benefit their websites. Search Engine Optimization refers to the set of activities done on a website to improve how it shows up on SERPs and better yet attract quality traffic to the website. To excel in the same you need to research and take a course in SEO which for most website owner is costlier than hiring SEO companies in Ottawa to step in on their behalf. In this guide, professional SEO experts will take you through the four important factors that contribute to your on-page SEO today.

Keywords research

Keyword when it comes to search engine use refers to the set of search terms that search engine users use to look for different products and services on the internet. You have to predict the keywords they would attempt to use before they do if you are to improve your rankings on SERPs when they do use the keyword. Professional SEO firms understand both the long tail and short tail keywords to use in your URL and content to better your rankings on the results page.

Meta tags

The Meta tags are another section of your On-page SEO that must be cared for if you want the top spot in your niche competition for quality SERPs. It is made up or four sections which are Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Meta Robots Tag. Each of these Meta tags serves a unique purpose with the title option describing the website contents of the page; the description part deals majorly in informing the search engine of the page content, the Meta robots guide the search to the right pages on the website.

Optimization of URL

Did you know that URL has also to be optimized if you are to rank highly when compared to other sites you are competing with? The URL of your website should in fact be short and also have the right keyword combinations in it to give the search engine and its user identifying the best site and what it is about. The right URL structure should not exceed 5 words and must be optimized to give you advantage over other sites that handle their website SEO poorly.

Optimization of website content

Apart from everything else you do on your website, the search engine user who is the ultimate benefactor will always come to your site looking for great content. By making your content easy to read through, quality and catchy, you mitigate the chances of your potential traffic bouncing off. Besides availing the right content, you should concern yourself with using the right keywords in the same for better ranking and showing on SERPs when the search terms are used by your potential target traffic. You should hire top quality SEO services for better and regular content creation if you are to maintain the high standards.