10 Tips That You Need To Know About The Lice

Lice are tiny insects that can quickly spread from one body to another by close contact. Just thinking of lice makes you itch. These insects are pretty frustrating; make sure you can recognize them from the beginning. In this article, you will see all the tips and facts relating to lice. Also, there are many misconceptions related to this problem, so it is essential to know all such details. 

  • Firstly it does not spread easily and dies within 24 hours if they will not get a human body. 
  • They can only crawl; neither it can jump, nor they can fly. It can quickly transfer from body to body or head to head. 
  • It affects people during the socioeconomic classes. They are not good for cleanliness. People remain away from a person who has a lice problem. 
  • Lice do not see any social status symbol. It gets affected by every person irrespective of age, race, status, or gender. 
  • It is easily seen behind the ears or under the neck. Sometimes it is easily seen on the clothes and the shoulders.
  • You can also see it with the fined comb after wetting your hair. Keep in mind that once you can notice a person having the problem, check your family members also as they may also get such problems.
  • One can effectively treat this problem with the help of medications. Hair combing and oils are better options to treat allergic reactions and are used for killing lice. 
  • Avoid taking any type of chemicals like bleach, acetone, or vinegar, and it may affect your hairs and body. 
  • It is good to take prescriptions and therapies to treat the lice effectively. You can also refer to your doctor for further process. 
  • Never treat any treatment with the aid of plastic. You can use a towel or blanket that can be easily washable. 

How to clean effectively?

It is recommended to you wash all the clothes thoroughly. You can wash all the pillow covers, sheets, items in clean water at the temperature of 130 degrees Franhiet. You can also put some items under the sun’s heat. The radiation of the sun kills many bacteria and fungi. 

Some preventive methods 

  • Children are an accessible mode of transmission, so it is necessary to talk to them about cleanliness and taught them about how to tell if you have lice in your hair. 
  • You should teach your children not to share things with their classmates and friends like brushes, combs, hats, etc. 
  • Proper treatment should be given to a person who is suffering from this kind of problem. 
  • There should be no physical contact of the person with anyone who is having lice. 

To sum up 

Better to instruct your ward on all the standard modes of transmission of problems. There should be proper hygiene for you and your family, and if you have a severe issue and confuse about how to tell if you have lice, visit a doctor.